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Legal services for Mental Health and Wellness Professionals.

Eric L. Ström, Attorney at Law

My Professional Philosophy

I strive to provide legal counsel that is cooperative, collaborative and practical. Your interaction with the legal profession should never be intimidating or stressful. We will work together to build a reciprocal learning relationship that ensures your practice is efficient and effective.

Every health care professional should have access to competent reliable and affordable legal guidance. My legal practice is focused on providing expert legal guidance to health care professionals, with a specific concentration on providing legal services to mental health professionals. I will help you understand how best to minimize your liability and risk letting you focus on your primary concern - your clients.

Legal Services

I offer a full range of professional legal services including:

- Continuing education training for licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed mental health counselors, licensed social workers, and Chemical Dependency Professionals. This training satisfies the Washington State requirement for continuing education in professional ethics and law.
- Professional ethics consultation.
- Preparation of legal documents for your practice including releases of information, scope of care agreements, mandatory disclosures, informed consent forms, and supervision agreements.
- Helping you prepare a Professional Will for your practice.
- Review and interpretation of non-compete and outside employment agreements.
- HIPAA compliance counseling, documentation, and confidential record maintenance guidance.
- Counsel and guidance with respect to your professional legal privilege and maintenance of your client's confidentiality.
- Advice on mandatory reporting laws.
- Strategy development to protect your practice through the documentation of the standard of care for innovative, non-traditional, and non-empirical treatment modalities.
- Professional ethics guidance.
- Advice and representation before professional boards and administrative hearings.
- Guidance regarding scope of practice and State credentialing.